Every Day is a New Day

This is probably a legarious way to start a new blog.

I postulate that Every Day is a New Day.

Perhaps a little trite, perhaps a little melodramatic, but it stands to be profound if you can get past the simplicity of it.

As my time on this planet get longer, I find my recollection of  specific things lacking clarity, however concepts are getting stronger.  I can watch an old movie and still marvel at how it turns out, albeit with more depth.  Reading the same book twice still enrolls me in the plot but with more insight into the characters and the theme.

If we are to believe that small animals, insects to hamsters have limited conscious ability – like finding the other side of the cage a new place to be over and over again – then we are strides beyond them, or are we?  Is it not this wonderment of discovering new and stimulating places and ideas that really makes existence worthwhile?

While possession of material things is nice, the accumulation of wealth comforting, the calculated learning of specifics uplifting – the real gas that runs the machine is the discovery of that which is new and refreshing.

It is only with the blinders off that we can see the simplicity of discovery – newness that spawns wonderment and uplifting within.  It is this moment of discovery that truly brings out a building block of our existence.

That leads to another topic for another time… original thought.


About Robert M Palmer

Word Crafting, Visual Memories, Audible Bites, Ringleader & Emptor.
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