Quietly Dancing

quietly prancing and quietly dancing
the sun pulls it’s rays through her hair
lovely singing and faithfully bringing
her love as it’s always been there

how I love you
how I love you
how I love you
how I love you
how I love you
how I love you
how I love you
how I love you
how I love you

bringing her graces and dancing her paces
she sings as she trips through the day
no longer slaving but quietly waving
i cry cause she’s slipping away

with love in her eyes and she knows I despise them
they’re distant and far in the clouds
no longer making but quietly waking
to find herself lost in the clouds

written UofW 1970

Quietly Dancing
Recorded: About 1989
Equipment: Sanyo Reel-to-Reel
Location: Brantford
Song From: Original composition, words were written at University of Windsor in 1972.
Instrument(s): Yamaha PSS-680 Synthesizer, Framus 12 String Acoustic Guitar
Significance: I found the words in my papers, written during my University years. The chorus was a challenge as it just wanted to be 5:4 timing. The balance of the song is 3:4 timing – it was a trick to make the Synth switch time.


About Robert M Palmer

Word Crafting, Visual Memories, Audible Bites, Ringleader & Emptor.
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