the lasting pessimism

the lasting pessimism that prevails in the lattitude
of every meaning that can possibly be drawn
by the curtains that hang limp, evading the sun
unclear speculation unattached meaning no pity
release of soul expectations-icannot comprehend
what infrences the people can have what ideas
you offer consititution for what your lessons of fact
are based on mans own fantasy yet you dont remember
all are human we that cannot understand are human too
Demagoged violent pressures come and pray learn
that god has the world you require god knows
divided curtains are not always channels for the sunlight
and the dawn is far away-dawn is the limp curtailing
that inhibits curtailing for here impliments only
implimenets only retraction-subtraction of miniscule
explosions within the mind we can no longer expand
so we must contract-there are no outer limits
influence is limitless so is the sun so is the sky
pastures of good moulds of ware appalachians of
things-objects of the mind-or objects of other minds
there is only the special man who is not told and
he is the luckiest the fortunate one not yet dead to
the world
depleting fog devestating sun can we not see you clearly
overlooking is beyond us but is also under us and not
around the circle the circle that grows bigger and emptier
in the centre fellows cry for internal thought for
metaphysical for the emperically trained repeat the repeated
fornicalt the fornicated live the lived love the loved

follow your future your figured future it is there for the
taking not for the asking pl ease dont ask for the future
because if you do you will find yourself in it-its no
question anymore smile just smile and so will the
rest with an involentary regression until it is not yours
at all as it is with everything everywhere

condem us past for we have thought
that restless times we so have fought
for all the rest we mindless sought
beyond all our needs what can be bought

need i say more
ill close the door……quietly
dare i disturb the universe
Dare I disturb the universe

written UW october 1972


About Robert M Palmer

Word Crafting, Visual Memories, Audible Bites, Ringleader & Emptor.
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