dear maggie

dear maggie
paused interruptions, corresponding monotones; stare silently
without reference to anything. Malignant feelings caliber knives
of steel: love pains, love. Non-existent whispers bemoth the
cataclysmic forces… benevolence of the wind…rhetoric’s of the
rains…smiles from the sun…looking forward…life is to be
straight ahead*…do not tamper with the naturals, they will come
to the bearer. Reasonables among reason, passionates among
passivists…rapture by claw, love by hate? Life represents the
inter-course of mind and time, of mind and mind, of mind and mood
…there is no acme to life unless one looks backward and ponders
on maybe a better time than now…can it not be now that is better
…is not yesterday irrelevant to today…that happier past only
nostalgic? Neolithic man…bear trap mind…survival and the six
foot penis…intercourse of the blind…Ours is to reason life.
Exclude Gods purpose and derive your own…his purpose is another
mans. Penny in pocket, smiles on your mind, cold wind down your
collar, so sad when its all over. Hardships breed happiness, breed
life and its secrets; malignant feelings caliber knives of steel…
love pains, love life, love…open your arms Maggie; Im coming home!

written june 1972


About Robert M Palmer

Word Crafting, Visual Memories, Audible Bites, Ringleader & Emptor.
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