Summertimes Comin’

Summertime’s comin’ – life’s a beach (summer city – summer city)
Don’t try the car phone – we’ll be out of reach (such a pity – what a pity)
Skateboard, windsurf, tan every day
Drive to the beach in my… Cabriolet

Summertime’s comin’ – school’s out of reach (at the drive-in, we’re at the drive-in)
Don’t bother goin’ – no one left to teach (we’ll be flyin’ – really flyin’)
Volleyball playoff’s, beach blanket sports,
Day-glo sunglasses.. fluorescent shorts.

Summertime’s comin’ – there’s girls on the beach (we’ll be tryin’ – really tryin’)
Don’t try to call them – they’ll be out of reach (we were tryin’ – really tryin’)
Beach bunnies, sailboats sandcastles, Malibu,
Muscle beach, ice-cream… me and you!


Time: About 1996
Recorder: Sony Reel-to-Reel
Location: Brantford
Song From: Original
Instrument(s): Yamaha PSS-680 Synthesizer, Fender Telecaster Squire
Significance: I felt it was time to salute the Beach Boys and write a Beach song.  I’m not sure if the song captures the Beach Boy genre, I guess it just ends up being my Beach song.  You can guess the era by the song’s words..

To hear the above song as originally recorded click (or paste in browser):


About Robert M Palmer

Word Crafting, Visual Memories, Audible Bites, Ringleader & Emptor.
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