Walk Away

I see you walk away
You hold your head in the air
I’m never gonna see your
face anymore…

Was it somethin’ I said
Was it somethin’ I did
Can you let me hold
On a little more…

Don’t know how it started
Don’t know how it began
When the pressure got heavy
I up and ran…

Baby can we talk about it
Let me make you understand
There’s just some things a woman don’t
know about a man…



To a shuffle beat.
Time: About 1996
Recorder: Sony Reel-to-Reel
Location: Brantford
Song From: Original
Instrument(s): Yamaha PSS-680 Synthesizer, Gibson E355 (Firebird neck).

Significance: This song is done in one take – there are no over-dubs or double tracks.  The song is about meeting someone for the last time.  (There was a wrinkle in the tape about a minute in so when I went to digitize the song, it breaks us for a second or 2 – sorry ‘bout that.).

To hear the above song as originally recorded please click (or paste in browser):



About Robert M Palmer

Word Crafting, Visual Memories, Audible Bites, Ringleader & Emptor.
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