Dear Charles

Dear Charles,

May I intrude, that I might take a moment of your time?  I have a matter of much importance that I
would most like to pursue.

It causes great distress that I find need to discuss this situation; you see it should not be necessary but current events lead me to believe we have strayed from our nucleus, our central being.

May I implore, does our existence stem only from the monetary?  Are we solely marketable commodities, pecuniary, bought and sold as meat, met with prevarication by our representatives and left to die based on the quality of our social health plan?

Is it an individual’s wealth that should determine our right to exist?  Is it their ability to accumulate, connive, scheme and manipulate to build wealth?  Do we not need builders, teachers, painters and poets, drivers and shoe makers? Can we not be masters of our chosen trade without being dragged through the gutter by wants and desires created solely to foster the needs of accumulated wealth?

We are pawns, plebes, and peasants.  Even as masters of our trades we are still low, humble servants to those that accumulate masses of wealth, those that account.  We are given superhighways and shiny cars only to be stalemated and stagnated in traffic by manipulation, taxed through gas and license, robbed by those that insure and by shorted by false economies.  We will pay carbon tax to those with wealth to sit with 1 million cars on the highway each day, grid-locked, spewing pollution and eating away our precious fuel supply.

And we pay our taxes, on taxes, with taxes and then pay penalties and build debt to pay off interest so we can have all the things that
we are hypnotized to believe we need.

What we have is not enough, who we are is not good enough, and if we are not inconvenienced or blamed for causing the problem we need to be ashamed that we are somehow the problem.

Wealth, ambition, false economies, the stock market and its permutations, each designed to confuse, manipulate and enshrine the magnitude of the dollar.  Trading of property, leveraging it, pre-ambling and re-aligning value, creating illusionary value, taking profit from nothing and leaving less that was there to start.

Poppycock! Nonsense! Thievery!

May I ask, Charles, now that you are receding to the shadows how will you design your future?  May I suggest we need someone to bring to the light the pompous few that populate the sparse miserly, someone to expose the parsimony, someone to provide vision and strength, to provide a society built on culture, focus, harmony, and a spirit of sharing.  A country where people can be proud of their contribution and in return be rewarded for their participation.

Where do you stand?  Can you stand for the modicum of our election?


About Robert M Palmer

Word Crafting, Visual Memories, Audible Bites, Ringleader & Emptor.
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