Into the Light

The path is straighter than before.
I can predict how my footsteps will fall
with accuracy,
but I must shield my eyes from the light
for it is too bright to see
what is ahead.

I can look back and see where light has faded
but there is no reason – what is behind me
is already gone…
There is no hope there, no dreams, no possibility.

Ahead, beyond the blinding light I know the direction
For it is my direction, clear and concise.
It is my design.

But if I were to place myself miles up the road and look back
to where I am now… what would I think?
Is it someone who would present ideals that would please me?
Charity, acknowledgement, generosity, wisdom, compassion…
Are we ever enough?
What other words could I add to try to create the ideal person I
would want to find looking back?
Or do I find passivity, disregard, obtrusion, obstruction – perhaps a
place I do not want to go – or maybe just words I do not want to hear.
Perhaps I am only a trace, a vapor.

Still, we all have our legend. It is our resolution.


About Robert M Palmer

Word Crafting, Visual Memories, Audible Bites, Ringleader & Emptor.
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